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2019 - The Year of Discovery & Appreciation

I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that I would be sitting here writing a blog about my year of discovery in the field of fine art photography. I am not one for creative words and prefer to be behind the camera or sitting siping a coffee, reflecting on life, art and friendships, but here I am posting my first ever blog.

I hope that those of you who do get to visit my site and read it take something away from it and I do thank you for getting this far. My first post is about the Art I have created over the last 12 months during the last part of 2018 all the way until my last shoot on December 7th 2019. Its about thanking all the amazing creatives that I have worked with to create these pieces. I have left links to their #Instagram pages below.

I put together a short video which summaries why I create, a combinations of the images created with words that have deep meaning and which I hope you can relate to.

Future blogs will be posted about our creative process, so I hope you will visit again soon. I will now leave the written word and let the video tell the story. Thank you for visiting my #Imaginarium

Creatives Involved

HMUA / Special Effects MUA / Prop designer / Stylist & my co-creator Narlisy

Models - please click to access their IG profile

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